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Tai ping taxonomy 142 1400 0x1282x2049x1296 q90

Taxonomy — Venation

Taxonomy explores the underlying structures and functions of the natural world with lush textures and stunning layers of materiality.  Throughout these nine hand-tufted designs in wool and silk, fascination with arcane corners of scientific fields, such as geology and entomology, evokes an expansive, primal landscape. Against this backdrop, organic geometries are unearthed and unexpected paradoxes inspired by everything from the minutiae of insect anatomy to pleating techniques.

Ultimately, Taxonomy is rooted in an inquiry to understand function through classification, continuing to investigate transcendent themes of nature while re-contextualizing the science of taxonomy, not as a limiting or separating force, but as a means of revelation.

Taxonomy is a collaboration with Edward Fields studio. Learn more here.

All carpets are made to order and fully customizable.
  • Entirely bespoke carpets with 288 standard colors and over 80 material choices
Taxonomy venation prspctv 333 1400 0x0x1201x1690 q90
Taxonomy venation full 228 1400 85x200x1555x2190 q90
Taxonomy venation prspctv 337 1400 0x57x1201x1690 q90
Taxonomy venation prspctv 346 1400 60x0x1680x1201 q90
Taxonomy venation prspctv 344 1400 0x410x1200x857 q90


Taxonomy hyaline prspctv 426 800 0x26x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Hyaline
Taxonomy sensilla prspctv 411 800 47x0x1084x1524 q90
Taxonomy — Sensilla
Taxonomy mutare prspctv 361 800 0x107x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Mutare
Taxonomy elytra prspctv 407 800 74x0x1683x1200 q90
Taxonomy — Elytra
Taxonomy lamella prspctv 314 800 0x0x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Lamella
Taxonomy venation prspctv 333 800 0x0x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Venation
Taxonomy pleo prspctv 381 800 0x0x1475x1051 q90
Taxonomy — Pleo
Taxonomy magma prspctv 353 800 0x107x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Magma
Taxonomy tephra prspctv 391 800 0x24x1201x1693 q90
Taxonomy — Tephra
Taxonomy Swatches

Entirely bespoke carpets with 288 standard colors and over 80 material choices

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